Welcome aboard Kwaitoball

Our very own Mr Twofootedtackle Chris Nee is so excited about the forthcoming shenanigans in South Africa that he has launched a new World Cup blog.

It’s called Kwaitoball and was launched yesterday amidst a huge media fanfare (he plugged it on Twitter and we retweeted it).

Anyhoo, why don’t you get yourself over there now and feel free to congratulate/poor scorn on his efforts in person when you come along to Socrates next Wednesday.

What’s that? You’re not coming to Socrates? You are now. Email socrates[at]the-onion-bag[dot]com.

A warm welcome plus booze, food and football awaits you courtesy of our generous sponsor Football3s.

Venue details

The Open Sauce
Mint Digital
W125-127 Westminster Business Square
1 Durham Street
SE11 5JH