Socrates – London Football Bloggers Meet-Up 1

Here’s a special announcement for those of you that produce football blogs in London and the surrounding areas.

Socrates (original logo)Socrates is a new event where you can get together and meet fellow football bloggers from around the capital to exchange thoughts, ideas and some good old-fashioned banter.

Football 3s logoOrganised by Some People Are On The Pitch, The Onion Bag and Two Footed Tackle, Socrates will be holding its first get-together in Vauxhall, London on September 9th 2009. The event is sponsored by, the makers of the fabulous micro-Fantasy Football game that’s going down a storm across the web, and they’ll be kindly supplying the food, drink and roof over our head as part of your evening’s pleasurable experience.

So if you’re a football blogger in the London area (or somewhere nearby) and you’d like to come along, visit the Socrates website where you can get your name down on the list and catch up on all the other details about the event.

Look forward to seeing you there!

Socrates is coming…

Socrates is a Football blogger meet up in London.

Why Socrates?
It’s an opportunity for bloggers who are passionate about the beautiful game to get together, swap stories, share experiences, pass on tips and advice. Alternatively, in the event that we all end up hating each other, watch a game of football in stony uncomfortable silence.

No I understand that, you plank! I meant ‘why the name Socrates’?
Oh, sorry. Well the idea was inspired by the Tuttle Club which is named after a character from the film Brazil so we thought that a name of a Brazilian footballer would be appropriate. Socrates seemed an obvious choice.

Who the hell do you think you are?

We are the team that created the Socrates project:

Terry Duffelen
Co-creator of Football Fairground which has been delivering a weekly dose of football content into the RSS feeds of the discerning reader since July 2010.

Chris Nee
Top man at the TwoFootedTackle blog and podcast. By serving the football community he is hoping to gain access to paradise despite being a PR by day.

Graham Sibley
Also a co-creator of Football Fairground. He is the programming genius behind it and Fantasy Football Agent. To put it another way, he looks after all our back end concerns (fnarr).

Chris Oakley
The third co-creator of Football Fairground. He has been described as one of the blogosphere’s leading footballing academics by people who don’t know him very well.

Gary Andrews
A football writer for TwoFootedTackle and is the host of the TwoFootedTackle podcast. He is also a purveyor of exceedingly corny jokes, a fact which continues to restrict his overall popularity to this day.

So I have to have a football blog to attend then?
Well you might be a blogger that’s into football but doesn’t blog about it that much or you could be a football journalist but yeah, the idea is for football bloggers to network.

When is it on?
The first meet up is confirmed for 9th September in the heart of swinging London and will be sponsored by Football3s who are very kindly laying on the venue plus some drinks and grub (there will be no actual swinging). Venue details are below.

If you want to attend please email socrates[at]the-onion-bag[dot]com.

Venue details:
The Open Sauce
Mint Digital
W125-127 Westminster Business Square
1 Durham Street
London SE11 5JH